Billy Miya blacklists Willy Paul vowing to never play his songs again

Billy Miya has blacklisted Willy Paul forever.

Renowned radio presenter Billy Miya is sick and tired of Willy Paul for apparently being a snob despite being his number 1 supporter when he was coming up in the gospel music industry a couple of years ago.

In a now-deleted Facebook status post, Billy Miya accused Willy Paul of not showing up for interviews when he’s called upon snubbing him every other time.

The celebrated radio presenter had some words to say to Willy Paul who he believes has allowed fame, success, and fortune to get to his head forgetting his humble beginnings.

Reportedly, he helped Willy Paul when he was coming up in the music industry always pushing his music.

He has vowed to never bother the award-winning artiste again promising to never phone him again after deleting his number from his phone.

Willy Paul back in the day with Billy Miya

Willy Paul back in the day with Billy Miya
He told Willy Paul through the social media post not to look for him even in 100 years.

“Getting Willy Paul for an interview is difficult than getting Matiang’i. The level of arrogance he picks up the phone with is just out of this world.

He picks then says he is calling back na hapigi, over 100 times.

I understand that it’s his phone and has liberty to pick or ignore but in this industry we need each other to prosper, I remember when I was building him I used to give him shows down at the coast na alikua ameniganda kama chawa lakini leo hii ananijibu “who is this?” duh! ama kweli fadhali mfadhili mbuzi anaeza kupa marondo ukashiba, binadamu atakuudhi…

I have deleted your number and blocked it, don’t even look for me in 100 years enjoy your life bro. Tutapatana Inshallah.

I will never support your music in any kind of way nor even mention you anywhere.

In this life always normalize being HUMBLE it goes a long way #SomeOneTellWillPaul apunguze kiburi hii.” Billy Miya wrote on Facebook.

Billy Miya blacklists Willy Paul vowing to never play his songs again

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