Amira denies getting back with husband, Jamal

Amira with Jamal

For a minute we all thought that Amira had gotten back with husband Jamal; after he broke up with Amber Ray. This assumption was made after a video of Amira and Jamal were seen enjoying each other’s company in a video we assumed was shot this weekend.

However turns out that this was a major Tbt shared by unknown sources; that may have wanted fans to think Amira is back with her husband.

I mean,with the video out no one would have asked questions especially now that Amber already confirmed that she broke up with Jamal.

Talking about the video in the comment section, Amira left a comment saying;

Amber confirms breakup

Amber Ray with Jamal

Anyway, whether it was taken in 2018 or not…we can now confirm that Jamal and his nyumba Ndogo Amber Ray are no longer together; and the sad part is that Jamal is currently ignoring Amber Ray despite all the love they shared. Ouch.

Amira instagram comments

The lady confirmed the breakup through a QnA session where a fan wrote;

Are you together with Jamal, if not what happened?

To which she responded;

    No, Not anymore

Well, if indeed the break up is real and not staged; the. I guess Amber Ray and Jamal has their fan while it lasted but rumor has it that they secretly dated for months before their private relationship was exposed on social media.

During this time, let’s just say Amira was not only going through a hard time; but was also getting publicly embarrassed and going through depression.

However turns out that despite all that pain, husband was still calculating on how to get back with Amira; and I guess this is how the tbt video has found itself on social media.

Jamal is that you? 

Amira and husband, Jamal

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