Bridget Achieng to sell son’s Instagram account amid social media drama

Bridget Achieng and son Sekani rich
Controversial and former Nairobi Diaries actress Bridget Achieng on Wednesday put her son’s Instagram account on sale following ‘Personal difficulties’ occasioned by her ongoing scandal.

According to the mother of one, she has put her son Sekani Rich’s Instagram account on sale, in a bid to protect him from bullies yet he is innocent.

On her Instagram stories, the reality star revealed that she has opted to sell her son’s Instagram account with 33,ooo followers and interested buyers should urgently reach out to her.

“Good Morning guys I have been going through a lot and it made think hard about a lot of things, like if, one day my son gets bullied the same way I have been, I will not be able to forgive myself that’s why I will protect him at all cost.

I don’t want him to blame me for bringing him to limelight and maybe he is destined for something else. When he is Old enough to decide for himself if he wants to be in social media, I will allow him to do so, until then he is not going to have an IG account, so guys am selling his Instagram account that is at33.8K followers. If interested send me a DM” announced Bridget Acheing.

Additionally, in a separate post, Ms. Achieng requested KFCB Boss Ezekiel Mutua to intervene and save her from cyberbullies behind the leakage of her nudes while she was dressing up.

In the past few days, Achieng has been the talk of the town , after her nude videos and photos were leaked online by her friends with whom she got into a fallout when she was in Nigeria.

EXPLICIT: Bridget Achieng's Nude Video Leaked By Friends

In a quick live video reaction, the lass vowed to square it out with all those involved in sharing the videos online where she accused blogger Edgar Obare of putting up videos and photos on his page to attract advertisers on his routine market days.

Adding that she has been going through blackmail from her rivals for a couple of days now.

“I have been subjected to mental and psychological torture by the blackmailers who are working tirelessly to tarnish my name,” wrote Achieng.

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