Xtian Dela makes LGBTQ legalization his main agenda if elected Westlands MP

Xtian Dela
Popular YouTuber Xtian Dela on Monday morning revealed that he will be advocating for same-sex relationships if elected as Westlands MP in the 2022 General elections.

Taking to his social media pages, Dela expressed his support of the LGBTQ community by saying that it is high time the community was publicly appreciated.

“Let’s be REAL…Most young people in Kenya are part of the LGBTQI community! You and I both have very amazing gay friends and we have NO issue about it!! It’s high time as Kenyans we accepted this fact and legislated laws that PROTECT them instead of criminalizing and insulting them!!..If we have no issue with them personally, why don’t we PROTECT them PUBLICLY & constitutionally?!?…People should be FREE to love who they WANT in private and public! Love is love and it’s high time KENYA embraced that!!” He wrote.


“If we believe we are created equal, the love we show each other MUST also be equal. No Cap!!…Why live like a THUG in hiding Just because of LOVE?!…It’s high time EVERYONE had a voice!!.”

The content creator challenged the LGBTQ members to register as voters in Westlands to push for his victory.

“My LGBTQI friends who ain’t in WESTLANDS, Change your vote to Westlands and let your VOICE finally be heard by voting for me as Westlands MP!! Time to make laws that benefit EVERYONE!! This is the TIME to make our voices count! Let’s make HISTORY!!! Share this post to the 🌈🌈 fam!!”

In early May this year, Dela disclosed his intentions to vie for the Westlands vowing to unseat the current MP Timothy Wanyoyi.

He joins a list of celebrities who have expressed their intentions to join n politics in 2022. POthers in the list include media personality Jalango and music producer Magix Enga among others.

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