VDJ Jones accepts Citizen TV’s apology after threatening to sue them

VDJ Jones with DJ Mike Kay
Veteran disc jockey VDJ Jones has now accepted a public apology issued by Citizen TV after they mistakenly reported the death of DJ Mike Kay using his photo and this caused a lot of confusion amongst his family, friends, and netizens.

As earlier reported, the lifeless body of DJ Mike Kay was found dumped in a river in Murang’a under mysterious circumstances that is yet to be uncovered by detectives and since the deceased DJ  was a close friend of VDJ Jones, this is what might have sparked confusion, leading to misinterpretation when reports were being compiled by Citizen TV Journalists.

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VDJ Jones would later take to social media breathing fire after his photo was used by Citizen TV’s reporter Gatete Njoroge on the 7 PM bulletin confusing him to the deceased DJ Mike Kay and threatened to sue the giant media house for igniting panic among his friends, fans, and family.

“I wish to dissociate myself from this report by Citizen TV Nipashe News. I am alive and kicking 😡😡😡😡Mbona mnaniua mapema??? I will press charges against @citizentvkenya and the reporter Gatete Njoroge. @gatetenjoroge Confirm your news before u air!!!!!!!! #genjenimbaya,” said VDJ Jones.

On Tuesday, the station later apologized to Jones when Trevor Ombija was reading the 9 PM bulletin and the Disc Jockey has since accepted the apology saying there’s no bad blood between him and Royal Media.

In their apology, Citizen TV disclosed that they unintentionally used his image, which he had shared mourning the death of his friend and protégé, and that they had reached out to him and apologized.

DJ Mike Kay who’s body was recovered from River Mathioya
“During our earlier broadcast at 7PM, we inadvertently used the wrong pictures of VDJ Jones while making reference to DJ Mike Kay, whose body was retrieved from River Mathioya in Murang’a County. We have since established that the two were friends and VDJ Jones had posted a picture together with the disease whilst mourning him. We have reached out to VDJ Jones and apologized,” read Trevor Ombija.

He posted a clip of Trevor Ombija making the apology and clearing the air on the confusion and captioned it;

”The earlier mishap by Citizen TV was sorted and they did a public apology on the same. Mike was a longtime friend and nothing beyond that. We have no bad blood.Tuchape Kazi!!!!!”

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