Professor Hammo, Jemutai Comedian; DNA Results Are Out 99.9%

Professor Hammo, Jemutai Comedian; DNA Results Are Out 99.9%
Comedian Stella Bunei Koitei, alias, Jemutai has revealed that the DNA results of a paternity test Professor Hamo had reportedly requested on their two children are out.

Taking to social media, Jemutai broke the news in an ambiguous statement, “DNA results are out 99.9%.” Jemutai had earlier revealed that the DNA test was conducted at KEMRI and the results would be out in two weeks

Comedian Herman Kago, alias, Professor Hamo, the purported father of Jemutai’s two children, was accused by Jemutai of neglecting the kids and being a deadbeat dad.

The two comedians met with Churchill on Wednesday last week, after he revealed that he had reached out and offered to help them solve their issues amicable and privately.

“We have had a long cordial talk with Hamo & Jemutai and agreed to deal with the matter privately and find an amicable solution...,” tweeted Churchill on May 2, adding,

“in the end the kids have to win.”

Revealing details of the meeting, Jemutai said that so far, Hamo had agreed to cater for due expenses for the children.

“Yes, that was me, Hamo and his brother we were at Big Square on Wednesday. We met on Monday with Churchill and a few guys to try and sort out issues. We are still sorting out issues. At the meeting he agreed to pay for the school fees, so tulimeet on Wednesday as agreed and he gave me the school nkalipa jana,” Jemutai said.

The duo had exchanged brickbats online over Hamo’s alleged neglect of two children he sired with Jemutai. She claimed Hamo does not provide for the children.Hamo, in turn, denied the allegations.


Jemutai claimed they met on the set of ChurchillShow and started a whirlwind romance, in spite of her knowledge about Hamo’s wife and family in Nakuru.

In 2016, Jemutai got pregnant. She left the show for sometime. The erstwhile lovebirds broke up one year later before reconciling in 2019. They started co-habiting in Kitengela. Months after their reunion, the lovebirds sired another child before parting ways again in 2020.

In his defense, Hamo, a presenter at Hot96claimed Jemutai was bitter, frustrated.“Sometimes people can get frustrated when they are not able to get everything they wanted especially when unseen challenges arise. I have been a present dad to all my children and will continue to work and take care of them.”

However, Jemutai claimed Hamo only visited his children four times -all during night hours. She also claimed that she has been going through a rough financial patch,with rent arrears piling up.

Following the re-conciliatory efforts, the two have since deleted all the brickbats from their social media pages.

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