Online sensation Crazy Kennar opens restaurant in Juja

Crazy Kennar opens restaurant in Juja

The surge in the numbers of netizens accessing the internet has given a subsequent rise to the number of digital content creators converting their followers into money thus making a tidy sum of money out of their followers.

Arguably one of Kenya’s top comics Crazy Kennar, who is also an Actuarial Science student at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology in this case has also ventured into a profitable business.

If his recent social media posts are anything to go by, the digital influencer knows more than just making Kenyans laugh because he has invested his hard-earned cash wisely and he recently ventured into the restaurant business.

In a series of posts dating to May 25th, the comedian launched his restaurant in Juja at a star-studded event with the likes of Flaqo, Cartoon Comedian, Jacque Nyaminde and Alex Mathenge opening of the food outlet dubbed ‘Instant Delicacies’.

“Congratulations to my partner Crazy Kennar for owning Instant Delicacies. It’s now opened! Come all,” Cartoon Comedian wrote afterwards.

The politician lauded Kennar using his content creator funds wisely and pledged support for the ambitious youth.

“Comedian Crazy Kennar has opened his own hotel Instant Delicacies and I had the honour of opening it officially today. I feel so good when young people start investing the small money they get in the businesses of their dreams. I will always support such young and brave people to realize their dreams,” he wrote.

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