MP Otiende Amollo Allegedly Threatened Raila, Then Refused to Pick His Calls

MP Otiende Amollo with Raila Odinga
Rarieda MP Otiende Amollo has denied claims that he sent ODM leader Raila Odinga a text message daring that he’d resign from the Justice and Legal Affairs Committee of the National Assembly.

The legislator said the assertions were designed to deflect attention from the crux of the issues he raised with the Constitution of Kenya (Amendment) Bill, 2020 – the BBI Bill.

Otiende said the SMS and tweet theory is meant to spin the narrative, saying there was more to his removal beyond the views on the bill.

ODM stalwarts claimed the Rarieda MP snubbed a meeting with the party leader on Monday to iron out the issues he raised with the bill.

On his removal, ODM chairman John Mbadi said the JLAC vice-chairperson had failed to advance the party’s position on BBI at the committee.

“When Otiende and Orengo spoke in Nyatike, Raila listened to their demands and called the two. He told them to come to Nairobi on Monday, but Sunday morning the next thing that Raila received was a text from Otiende that he was ready to resign from JLAC and as Rarieda MP. Who is he blackmailing?” posed Mbadi.

Yesterday Amollo challenged Mbadi’s claims, saying: “How does a Motion for removal mutate into a resignation? As a lawyer, I know what to do if I wanted to resign. I have chosen not to respond to them.”

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Mbadi said the party basically “facilitated his resignation” from the JLAC committee. He added that the Orange party did not appoint Amollo to the committee to “go speak a lot of English and legal jargon” but to support its position on the BBI

“If he is not pushing the party agenda in JLAC, why should we continue having him? There is nothing mischievous in the changes. We are not punishing anyone,” he said.

“This is an act of spin mastering to move the issue from what it is to where you want it to go. I have refused to be spun because that is trying to introduced subterfuge,” Otiende said during a morning show on Citizen TV.

The MP said all that is stated about his predicament is false, except for the fact that he tweeted about the scheme to remove him from JLAC.

“I speak to my party leader and I have no issue with him. Other than being my party leader, he is actually my client. Anyone trying to spin it that I have an issue with my party leader to remove the issue from where it was, I will not accept.”

“If it is a resignation, it will be a communication from the speaker. The party organs should meet and make a decision on what should be done. None of that happened. The party never considered that issue. The speaker never considered that issue.”

He maintained that he is not bitter about the sudden change of circumstances saying he takes it as a privilege he was given to serve and did.

On whether the events worry him ahead of the 2022 elections, he said: “As long as Rarieda people allow me that privilege, I will continue to serve them.”

The lawmaker said things must change in the world of politics, adding that some positions come with benefits or not.

“What you have is an additional responsibility to your party and country. If your party feels you are not executing that responsibility the way they want, they have the discretion to remove you. I have no problem with that. The party gave me the opportunity to serve and they have decided…not really the party but some people, I have no issues.”

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