Man who stopped President Uhuru’s motorcade speaks out

Mr. Kepha Agoka Nyambane together with his wife, Lydia BOsibori and daughter in Lucky Summer. He became an internet sensation and his neighborhood hero after he stopped President's motorcade.
A man, Mr. Kepha Agoka Nyambane caught the attention of netizens in Kenya after he boldly stopped, albeit briefly, the motorcade of President Uhuru Kenyatta at Lucky Summer in Nairobi.

The man identified as Kepha Agoka Nyambane who is popularly known as Aswani has since become a celebrity in his neighborhood of Lucky Summer.

Agoka, a father of three, explained that the only reason that he decided to stop the presidential motorcade putting his life in danger was to get the attention of President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Speaking exclusively to The Standard’s reporters who sought him out for an interview, Mr. Kepha Agoka said that it was nothing but problems in his life that forced him to do what he did.

“Problems drove me to do what I did,” Agoka who lives in a bedsitter together with his young family opened up.

Agoka confessed that he is fearful of what might happen to him despite being hopeful that he will finally have an audience with the President of the republic.

He is fearful that the police will pursue him over what he did on Wednesday when the President was on his way to commission a new slaughterhouse.

Agoka who is considered to be somewhat a hero in his neighborhood by his friends says that he doesn’t regret putting his life in danger to seek the President’s attention completely agreeing that he had put his life in danger by the stint that got the country talking on Wednesday evening on social media.

As much as the majority of his friends and the residents of Lucky Summer deem his stunt heroic, some are convinced that he was suicidal even though he gained some celebrity status while at it.

Mr. Kepha Agoka said that he saw President Uhuru Kenyatta stretching his hand out as if he was pointing at him.

Without giving any thought about it, he lunged forward before he was pushed aside by the police presidential escorts whereafter he hurt his ear as he landed on the mkokoteni that was parked by the roadside.

“Kijana tutaongea,” was the President’s last words before the presidential escort pounced on him, at least according to the now-popular Agoka.

Those are the words that keep Agoka up late at night because he is above anything else hopeful to meet with the President.

Prior to jumping in front of the President on the fateful material day, Mr. Agoka left his house a few minutes after 7 a.m for a nearby car wash leaving behind only one teaspoonful of sugar left for his young daughter, Becky.

His mission for that day was to find some menial job/s to feed his family back home, a family that solely depends on him to provide for them.

He only knew about the President’s visiting the area from his friends that morning.

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