It was Not Jemutai Scandal! Real Reason Prof Hamo Dumped Hot 96 Revealed!

Professor Hamo with Jeff Koinange
The exit of Professor Hamo from Royal Media Services (RMS) Hot 96 hit many like a thunderbolt with speculations rife that he was fired owing to his baby mama scandal

However, Jalang’o TV can confirm that his exit came way before fellow comic Jemutai exposed him as an alleged deadbeat on blogger, Edgar Obare’s platform

Hamo’s transition and replacement were so smoothly done that many of his fans did not immediately catch on.

A few weeks before the online debacle, Jeff Koinange, who hosts the breakfast show had stopped appearing with the comedian on air without any clarification on Hamo’s whereabouts.

The show, Hot Breakfast, also changed its slogan from “Jeff and Hamo on Hot” to “Jeff and Clyde on Hot”.

Hamo’s replacement VDJ Clyde is the deputy station manager at Hot 96 and music manager whose duty is to assist his seniors in providing strategic direction and leadership for the station.

He also assists in carrying out in-house research to gather information for programming purposes.

Clyde has been on the breakfast show for more than two years but as the mix master and his inclusion as the face of Hot Breakfast alongside Koinange barely raised eyebrows about Hamo’s exit.

The scandal which took the whole nation by surprise likely distracted Hamo’s fans who were too involved in the controversy to notice his absence from the breakfast show.

Many of his fans have attributed his exit to the controversy but according to his social media platforms, he last tweeted the #JeffAndHamoOnHot hashtag before his scandal.

Other reports indicate that Hamo parted ways with Hot 96 FM willingly following an internal memo from the Royal Media Services barring employees from running campaigns or appearing on billboards.

In an internal memo, the management stated that it appreciated individual brands in the RMS family.

It, however, noted that the use and deployments of such talent whether in personal or corporate activities, greatly affected and influenced the overall brand of the Company.

“These guidelines endeavor to facilitate and promote the effective and proper use of all talents and staff within the RMS brand umbrella and who protect RMS reputation and brand.

“This means that common sense must be applied. A strict legal interpretation should not be used to justify accepting an advertiser or sponsor which the guidelines intended to stop,” reads an excerpt of the statement.

Therefore, the company prohibited its staff from advertising for any faith or religion, alcohol products, political parties, and their candidates.

The management urged staff intending to take part in events or advertisements in certain categories to seek approval from the departmental heads.

The categories include; Master of Ceremony in events, advertising for government agencies, advertisements that deal with a controversial subject that is in the matter of public policy and advertisements that could compromise the RMS editorial policy.

“The person from whom approval is sought will consider whether the proposal will meet the principles in these guidelines in particular in relation to the RMS impartiality and brand protection,” reads the statement in part.

Further, the station warned its staff against appearing in any advertising from their show or on their program.

“Any advertising that features a program presenter or regular TV or radio artist should be clearly separated from their programs, “reads the statement.

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