The 6 Best Blog Writers On Fiverr For SEO Articles

Best Blog Writers On Fiverr For SEO Articles

Outsourcing blog writers for your SEO articles production is one of the most essential content strategies you can implement that will enable you to experience significant growth.

You are the bottle neck for your content creation. It’s fine when you’re starting out to understand how to create content. How to create SEO content that ranks and can make money.

I’m all for a do it yourself approach when starting because these are skills you need to learn how to develop. But once you’ve mastered the art of writing blog articles, once you get the process of how to connect keyword research and the actual article, it quickly becomes a waste of time to write all your blog articles yourself.

The next skill and step you need to start learning is how to outsource your writing to more professional blog writers for your SEO articles.

It’s a difficult learning process. Managing writers, managing content and building a team around what you’re doing but once you get the hang of it, you’ll learn quickly how an upfront investment of content writers pays for itself over the coming months and years.

The 6 Best SEO Article Writers on Fiverr

One excellent place to find quality writers is Fiverr. Fiverr is a professional services website where you can find various help with your website. Writing is a popular category so here are the best blog writers on Fiverr:

Apascar — Lawyer, writer and Investor

Apascar who’s actual name is Adam is an excellent writer for business oriented projects, product review content or keyword specific articles where you have already done the research.

If you’re in a business oriented niche then Adam is your man. What I would do is already complete your keyword research and then reach out to Adam when you specifically know what type of article you want.

As with any seller, make sure to contact Adam and ask any questions to make sure he is the right guy for your project.


  • Writes SEO ready articles.
  • Excellent for product reviews and services.


Word Architect — Professional Writer at your service

Another excellent writer with a track record of success is Word Architect. His specific focus is on writing high quality articles based around specific SEO needs.

For best results you should first contact Word Architect with your requirements to see if he is a good fit. You should also have done your keyword research and know what yo want an need in an article.

Don’t be purchase an incorrect package and expect more for less. Typically what I do is I’ll outsource up to 900 words then edit and add to the article myself. Creating a 1500 word article in 20 minutes or so.



Top Finance Pro – Your Finance Article Source

A Fiverr’s choice seller, Top Finance pro is the first on the list of niche specific writing. Top Finance Pro’s actual name is Prakash Pandey and he will create content for your personal finance website.

Need content about block chain, credit cards, investments, retirement or the stock market? Top Finance Pro should be your go to content writer.

Pros: Cons:

Melanielm — Top Rated Seller

A top rated seller (meaning this account has been on Fiverr for years and has maintained a high level of service), Melanielm is a business account on Fiverr. Meaning they can handle bulk orders of multiple articles.

As a top rated seller, you can trust the quality of the deliverable as well as the customer service. They also offer discounts on multiple 2000+ word articles.


  • Great price for long articles.
  • Can handle bulk orders
  • Articles are not copied from elsewhere.


Daniel98226 — Fiverr Pro for Finance Articles

A Fiverr Pro. That means this account has been specifically vetted by Fiverr for high level professional standards. For most looking for blog content and writers

As with all Fiverr Pro account, the price for this gig is quite high and my be excessive for someone looking to source content for a blog. If however you need high quality, technical content on anything to do related to finance, take a look at Daniel98226.


  • A vetted Fiverr Pro for the finance niche
  • Expert on highly technical content.


Reneerose304 — Experience blog content writer

Renee Rose is currently offering her writing services on Fiverr. Shes able to handle bulk orders and will provide a nice discount via the custom offer function if you contact her before hand.

For best results, know what articles and keywords you want. While Renee does offer to do keyword research this should be more your responsibility as it’s your website, niche and industry.

What is great about Renee is that her prime deliverable is 1000 word articles. The perfect length for you to take and expand upon with ease.


  • Highly rated seller.
  • Can handle bulk orders.
  • As a social media manager, she understands the needs of website content creators.


How To Best Vet Blog Article Writers

One last critical aspect when out sourcing writing is to make sure the writing is authentic. That means no spun content or worse, content simply copied to some degree from somewhere else.

In order to vet writers you should always start off with a small order as a way to test the quality of the deliverable. Try out different writers and then pick the one who is best.

Don’t shy away from expanding on delivered work

One hack that I always leverage is that when I hire a writer I normally like to get back an 800–1000 word articles that I will then go in and expand upon as needed.

There is always work involved and you can’t escape this. But as a first step for outsourcing, it’s quite helpful to get back 1000 word articles that you can then quickly and easily transform into longer pieces of content.

Develop a process over time

Eventually you’ll want to develop a process for managing content over time. Taking the first step toward actually outsourcing writing is a big step.

But you’ll want to get to a point where the content is 95% done for you by Reneerose304 having writers and an editor mange the content. With you giving it a final review before anything goes live.

Once you begin to trust your team, this process becomes fairly hands off.

Best Blog Writers on Fiverr

So that’s it for some of the best blog article writers over on Fiverr. Fiverr is just one excellent option for buying content for a blog or website.

You can find a lot of professional technical writers as well as writers who focus on bulk orders of more generic content ideal for the basis of an SEO focused article.

If you’ve not yet done so, sign up for Fiverr and see what it’s all about

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