Ezekiel Mutua stands with Kabi Wajesus after DNA test drama

Kenya Films and Classification Board (KFCB) CEO Mr. Ezekiel Mutua and Kabi Wajesus

Kenya Films and Classification Board (KFCB) CEO Mr. Ezekiel Mutua has taken sides with digital content creator Peter Kabi, alias Kabi Wajesus after the recently conducted DNA test proved that he fathered a child with his cousin as he had earlier denied.

Kabi Wa Jesus was exposed for neglecting 7-year-old daughter
On Twitter, the content regulator defended the influencer and took a swipe at Kenyans for castigating Kabi when he is already down.

According to Ezekiel Mutua, everybody faces tough times, however, most celebrities and influencers are always on the receiving due to their prominence.

“Do not celebrate another person’s downfall or accentuate the pain. If you can’t help, comfort, or pray for them, just leave them alone. We all have some difficult bends in life only that some people attract more public attention and drama. To Kabi and Milly, may God be with you!” He wrote.

His wife Milly also issued a short statement stating that the news was difficult for her to accept but she was going to assist her husband to support Abby and to make sure she becomes integrated into their family.

She added that she understands that everyone has a past and at times that past is tough and hard to understand.

Radio and TV presenter Dr. King’ori has also defended Kabu saying that even after the saved blogger had apologized for his past mistake Kenyans were still abusing him.

He went on to lecture Kenyans pointing out that some cultures allow cousins to even marry one another.

On Thursday 6, Kabi in a post on his social media platforms revealed that a paternity test had confirmed that he was the biological father of Abby.

He added that in 2013, he fathered baby Abby and it was before he had been saved and met his now-wife Milly.


He said that he regrets his previous comments about the matter which gave a false impression but now he was ready to meet with Abby’s mother to chat the way forward for the well-being of the child.

Kabi wa Jesus also promised that he would do everything in his power to make sure Abby does not lack anything in her life.

Early this year reports emerged on social media that Kabi had been neglecting a child he had sired with another woman.

However, the blogger strongly poured cold water on the reports saying that the baby was his niece and his cousin Shiko and was later forced to take a DNA test.

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