Mulamwah says the KFCB boss Ezekiel Mutua an opportunist

Mulamwah has opened up about the Kenya Classification Board(KFCB) CEO Dr. Ezekiel Mutua not honoring his word in an exclusive inteview.
Mulamwah has bluntly called the Kenya Films and Classification Board (KFCB) CEO, Dr. Ezekiel Mutua an opportunist and a liar.

The comedian who was bullied massively last year which made him trend for days has come out, in a recent exclusive interview with Nation News to label the moral police an opportunist who used his situation to gain clout for himself.

Mulamwah called out the KFCB boss a few weeks ago for not holding his end of what he promised to the comedian.

Dr. Mutua promised Mulamwah via his official Tweet to help out the comedian when he was seriously contemplating leaving behind comic sketches due to the constant cyberbullying that had taken a toll on him.

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Mulamwah says that the KFCB Executive Ezekiel Mutua had promised him a job that will see him become the Kenyan ambassador for clean content but he didn’t keep his word.

Mutua responded to Mulamwah’s calling him out publicly and said that the comedian didn’t pass the background check they did on him incognito thus he was fit to be the ambassador for clean content.

The outspoken moral police also was quick to note that the offer was made from a personal capacity, not from his official position as the KFCB CEO.

Mulamwah was very optimistic about the offer that Dr. Mutua has presented to him and was rather disappointed when it all amounted to naught.

Comedian Mulamwah
“Mutua is an opportunist, he loves to be part of a moment. When he made the promise and asked me to call him, I tried for a whole year to get him to him.

He was always dodgy. When I finally found him he asked me to do a video praising him for helping me out.

I did but also included other people who were supportive of me at the time. When I sent him the video, he declined. He wanted it to be all about him.” Mulamwah explained in the exclusive interview.

Answering the question posed by the Nairobi News desk, “But what of the background check, the basis in which Mutua noted as the chief reason for his rescinding the decision?”

Mulamwah was quick to say that netizens started posting old posts of his old sketches before he was famous from them reiterating that Dr. Ezekiel Mutua promised not to judge him with his past skits and sketches.

“When he made the promise, people on Twitter started posting my old skits long before I was famous. We talked about it and Mutua said he wasn’t going to judge me with what I had done in the past only for him to turn around after I failed to heed his request.” Mulamwah adds.

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