Keroche CEO Tabitha Karanja discloses how late daughter Tecra, transferred a lot of money to Omar Lali

Tabitha Karanja and Omar Lali

Keroche Breweries CEO Tabitha Karanja recently took a stand-in at the Milmani Law courts in the inquest of her late daughter, Tecra Muigai who passed on in May 2020.

While speaking to the cases’ Magistrate Zainabu Abdul, the emotional entrepreneur revealed that her daughter’s beach boy lover Omar Lali, allegedly preyed on Tecra financially.

According to the Keroche CEO, Omar  Lali received close to Ksh. 1million courtesy of Tecra’s generous nature and her feelings for him.

Tecra Muigai
The distressed businesswoman further presented financial bank statements which revealed her daughter was the breadwinner in the relationship which he would have ideally been the “provider” and with that, she strongly believes the beach boy killed her lastborn daughter when she could no longer provide him with money.

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“He was after my daughter’s hard-earned income and when she realized that she could not give him money anymore, he killed her,” she testified.

For example, Tecra’s bank statement presented in court reveals that she transferred Sh150,000 to Lali and a similar amount the following day.

Similarly, on August 28, 2019, the late Tecra Muigai, transferred another Sh150,000 to Lali’s bank account and three weeks later, another  Sh100,000 was transferred by the late Keroche Strategy and Innovation Director and a similar amount on November 1.

On November 13, 2019, another Sh200,000 was sent and in December of the same year and, he received another Ksh.100,000 according to Tabitha Karanja.

Tecra Muigai and Omar Lali
Surprisingly, the amounts Lali received drastically reduced in 2020 to Ksh. 60,000 and the courts were informed by Mrs. Karanja that the police investigating the case managed to unmasked unsigned bank slips in the Lamu house that the lovers shared.

Additionally, Tabitha noted that Tecra always complained of relationship issues she had been experiencing with Lali of which she always ended up running back to him.

“When your child is over 30, there is very little you can do,” she said.

At the time of her death, Tecra,30, vacationed briefly in Lamu but overstayed in the area due to the Covid-19 travel restrictions.

“I told her to use public means but due to the scare, we waited after one lockdown after another. She was scared of traveling by public means,”

 “It was not true what Omar was alleging. The injuries were severe so we reported to the police. The doctor told us that if it was a fall, there would have been scars in other parts of the body. She had two cracks on the head.” Karanja stated.

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