“I will be getting a tummy tuck soon!” Reveals Yummy Mummy.

Yummy Mummy
Popular Instagram influencer Joan Obwaka alias Yummy Mummy has revealed plans to undergo cosmetic surgery to remove the loose skin around her stomach. Disclosing the news to her fans and followers, she revealed that the tummy tuck will be a gift for herself for her 31st birthday.

According to her, she is excited for the procedure which she intends to undergo soon to lose the skin as it has refused to go away despite her efforts to work out.

Yummy Mummy
“My third and final birthday gift to myself is a tummy tuck which I will be getting soon! Guys I can’t tell you how excited I am about this. After three kids it really doesn’t matter how much I work out, that loose skin on my lower belly is permanent and I dislike it a lot!” revealed Yummy Mummy.

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She went on to add that she is undecided on whether to document the procedure on her YouTube channel to empower women about the procedure but again she is considering not to document the procedure owing to the fact that the subject may stir controversies among netizens. For this reason, she promised to inform her followers of what she decides on.

“I have been debating in my mind whether or not I want to document the whole process on social media or not. I want to because I want more women to have more information on this process and know the options available to them,” she explained.


“On the other hand I don’t want to because of the unnecessary and unsolicited opinions that people always feel the need to share and I know this one can be controversial. So once I decide I will let y’all know or you’ll just see me one day here with a flat stomach and no explanation.”

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