Grace Ekirapa broke off her wedding after praying about it for 2 days

Grace Ekirapa gushed over her man who completes her a woman in this life.
Grace Ekirapa is head over heels for her boyfriend who happens to be the multi-talented Pascal Tokodi.

Grace Ekirapa can’t seem to get enough of the musician, actor, and vocalist Pascal Tokodi and she doesn’t mind what the outside circle thinks or say about her situation with her adoring, handsome boyfriend who I just might add he’s a hunk of a man.

Pascal Tokodi and Grace Ekirapa became exclusive just last year and they’ve made it look like they’ve been dating for years.

Their love was just meant to be and what makes it even more romantic is that they both know this to be true.

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Ekirapa took to social media to gush over her man, Pascal Tokodi for being everything she ever wanted in a man.

My Man Crush Monday and every day is this Samburu Warrior @pascaltokodi.

The man that makes all my days wonderful and wakes up with the intention of putting a smile on my face and cracks my ribs without much effort.

I Love and honor you my honey and I thank God for you every day because you are the gift that I never thought I deserved and one that keeps on giving. Cheers to today, every day, and Forever Babie.
” She wrote on her social media wall oozing nothing but eternal love for Tokodi.

Grace Ekirapa has had her fair share of heartbreaks and disappointments when it comes to the four-letter word that almost every other human being on earth chase.

Opening up on her informative interview on the all-girl show Chat Spot, Ekirapa who confessed to meeting the celebrated multi-talented actor a year after she broke up with her fiancé disclosed that she felt that she was making an ultimate mistake in her life by marrying her ex-fiancé.

Grace Ekirapa and Pascal Tokodi have been together for quite some time now. One year before she met up with Pascal Tokodi, Grace Ekirapa walked out on wedding after praying for the same for 2 days straight.
Ekirapa had broken up with her fiancé after their traditional wedding that went down in March 2018 and attended by slightly over 400 people.

In 2017 I was to get married but the relationship broke. Then I got into another relationship in 2018 and I was to get married on my birthday which was in April.

I got engaged in February and in March I had my traditional wedding in an event attended by 400 people.

But before the wedding, I realized I was making a mistake as it was not God’s idea for me. I took two days off and prayed and it’s after that that I broke the relationship off,
” Grace opened up for the first time about her past situation with her ex.

Grace Ekirapa, the Crossover 101 Show host has confessed more than enough times on social media and otherwise how happy she is in her relationship with Pascal Tokodi.

She revealed the reason why she refused to get married was that she was getting married just for the sake of it and receive the honor of getting called someone’s wife.

Right now, however, she’s happy and free as a bird on the air with Pascal Tokodi and all she can say, at least because of her boyfriend Tokodi is a big Thank you to the Almighty for aligning the Universe so that she can meet with the love of her life.

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