Edgar Obare advises on the three things you should carry in case you get arrested

Edgar Obare arrested
Controversial Kenyan blogger  Edgar Obare was on Thursday arrested by the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) sleuths for allegedly cyberbullying and using cybercrimes to intimidate celebrities and prominent personalities through blackmailing them by soliciting huge amounts of money.

On Friday, however, the 29-year-old blogger was released and went live on Instagram to address the circumstances leading to his arrest and assured netizens that he is fine but planning to take a break from social media anytime soon.

During Obare’s live session that hosted about 9,000 viewers, the tea master advised Kenyans who have never been arrested with some useful tips just in case they get in trouble with the men in blue someday.

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According to the blogger, whenever the arrested person gets to the police station, one is forced to get off one of their shoes for reasons best known to the police officers.

Meanwhile, he gave additional tips on what one should carry in case they are arrested, and according to him, a toothbrush, slippers, and tissue paper are the most essential.

In case anyone is arrested I can give you a starter pack, carry a toothbrush and slippers. I don’t know why in Kenya they make you remove one shoe and one shoe remains at the counter and you only go in with one shoe. You are in trouble if the floor is wet or someone did something on the floor. And also have a tissue paper”, he advised. 

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