Anerlisa Muigai deletes her official Instagram account

Anerlisa Muigai has since deactivated her Instagram account after netizens criticized her mother a few days ago.
Anerlisa Muigai might have just had enough of the social media negative energy this time around.

The NERO CEO and founder who is also the daughter of Keroche Breweries’ founders has deleted her Instagram account that commanded a lot of followers.

This comes a few days after netizens took a jab at her mother after she appeared in court appearing to have lost some weight.

Anerlisa didn’t take this lightly one bit, she issues a warning to trolls and online bullies to keep away from her mother reminding them that her mother and family, in general, are way off-limits to anyone on social media.

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Although you can’t always delete an Instagram account instantly, she might have temporarily disabled it which is a feature available to Instagram that allows you to have a breather off social media and not lose your followers and protect your username from some who might want to take the username from you.

Taking a break from social media and disabling the Instagram account isn’t an unprecedented move by celebrities, actually, Victoria Kimani did it a few years ago, she had disabled her official Instagram account for a few days before finally coming back.

Anerlisa Muigai has been active on social media prior to leaving the same a few hours ago, nobody knows when she’ll get back on Instagram if that’s her intention.
Anerlisa Muigai disabling her Instagram account doesn’t mean she won’t come back again, she probably needs some alone time to herself and her family away from the public’s prying eyes.

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