Woman accuses Willy Paul of neglect after impregnating her

woman identifying herself as @deebaby490 and Dee Ruth revealed that she's expecting a child for Willy Paul since December.

A Woman on social media has opened up about how Willy Paul has left her stranded after making her pregnant.

The woman who identifies herself as @deebaby490 and Dee Ruth opened up on Tik Tok opened up about how Willy Paul blocked her on all social media platforms after she asked him to take care of the responsibilities that come with pregnancy.

“So I want you guys to help me get this thing to go viral please I know it is not right to @Willypaul he won’t feel well though I have to do it.


So I have been pregnant for Willy Paul since December and he promised he will take responsibility for the baby. And I agreed with it to keep a secret,”

Willy Paul was okay at first and was ready and willing to take care of the woman but after she refused to go to Willy Paul’s house for coitus, the former gospel musician decided to stop talking with her.

The woman doesn’t want to engage herself with the ‘Hallelujah’ hit maker romantically even though Willy Paul wants to.

“But since he started ignoring me is the day he asked for sex the second time and I refused. So he told nisiwai mtafuta na nifanye kenye nataka hadi (I should not look for him and I can do what I feel like) he blocked me. I even have (his) recording zake,” she added.

Dee Ruth(@deebaby490) shared a clip of herself showing her protruding pregnancy belly.


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