Tanasha Donna shares a video of herself twerking after social media made fun of her

Tanasha Donna has proved her critics wrong by sharing a video of herself dancing.
Tanasha Donna has made a point to prove all her haters and doubters wrong for saying that she can’t twerk as most professional female musicians do.

The mother of one was attacked on social media after visiting Diamond Platnumz in Tanzania and performing together for the very first time on stage where she failed to meet the expectations of fans who wanted to see her twerk for Diamond Platnumz.

Our very own online sensation entertainer, actor, and stand-up comedienne Eunice Mammito even made a short skit mocking Tanasha Donna for being “stiff” while she was twerking on Diamond Platnumz in Tanzania.

Donna had to give in to the social media pressure trying to prove to her fans and doubters alike that she can actually twerk and dance.

She did this after fighting and putting to rest her online wars with Dana De Grazia over a statement that she made online about her not paying a makeup artist what she was owed that got out of hand that saw Tanasha Donna threaten Dana De Grazia the Hustle goddess with a lawsuit.

Tanasha Donna who gave birth to Diamond Platnumz’s last born son proved to netizens that she can actually shake what her mama gave her by sharing a short clip of herself twerking at the comfort of her own bedroom.

The clip isn’t anywhere on her social media pages at the moment but at least she released it and it got out.

At least now people knows that she actually dance and/or twerk if she wants to not when people expect her to.

Here’s the short clip of her twerking and proving the world wrong about her not knowing how to dance.

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