Pascal Tokodi under fire over his reaction after meeting president Uhuru Kenyatta

Pascal Tokodi under fire over his reaction after meeting president Uhuru Kenyatta

Celebrated Kenyan actor Pascal Tokodi is on the receiving end from a section of netizens following his response to randomly meeting President Uhuru Kenyatta as he was driving around Nairobi.

“I was driving along State House road and I saw the president walking and before I could have a chat with him, his security came and chased us away because we were holding traffic,” he said.

In a video shared on his Instagram profile, the visibly star-struck actor is seen telling President Uhuru Kenyatta to watch his local soap opera Selina that airs daily on Maisha Magic East to which the president agreed.

“How are you sir? Oh my goodness!” Ona Selina! Ona Selina!” shouted the excited Tokodi.

Surprisingly, the head of state responded by waving back at Tokodi and telling him “Asante Nimeona.”

Pascal Tokodi meets Uhuru Kenyatta

However, a section of Kenyans was irked by Tokodi’s interaction with the president advising that he should have used the golden opportunity to ask the president more important questions like when he is lifting the ongoing curfew imposed on Kenyans.

On the other hand, some netizens were quick to defend Tokodi saying that he had every right to ask the president to watch Selina since that is his line of work.

Tokodi has since responded to the mixed reactions saying he did what he had to do in the 15 seconds of meeting the president.

Given a 2nd chance, would you speak differently with the President? Here’s Tokodi’s response

Kenyan actor Pascal Tokodi.
Talented Kenyan actor Pascal Tokodi says he won’t say anything different besides what he said Wednesday when he spotted President Uhuru Kenyatta taking a walk near State House, Nairobi.

“Watch [local drama] ‘Selina’ on Maisha Magic East,” were the words Tokodi told the Head of State in his 14 seconds’ interaction with President Kenyatta.

Tokodi’s chance remark drew mixed reactions, with some Twitter users saying the encounter could have been better utilised.

“You meet the President taking a walk, and all you want him to do for you is to watch you on ‘Selina’ [aired on] Maisha Magic East? Kenyan youth have their priorities upside down, and they want the President to appoint them to Government positions yet he knows they can’t even pitch in 10 seconds,” Abraham Mutai tweeted.

Others said they saw nothing wrong with the actor promoting his show.

“Pascal Tokodi is a lead actor on ‘Selina’, the show pays his bills, he met the President for less than 10 seconds… He asked the President to watch ‘Selina’ and support his hustle, absolutely nothing wrong with that,” Chege Githinji wrote.

Tokodi, who admits to reading all manner of reactions to his interaction with the President, told K24 Digital that should he get a second 14-seconds chance with the Head of State, he would say the same things he said on Wednesday.

“I told him what I do, I gave him the address to what I do, and that was what I wanted to achieve,” said Tokodi on phone on Thursday.

Asked whether he should have said more, Tokodi responded: “Yes, [but interaction with the President is always limited, when it comes to time]. First of all, you never know why he was taking the walk. Second, he was minding his own business, [and, therefore, I couldn’t impose myself on him],” said Tokodi.

“My goal was to ensure that the person of the President watches my production, and he said he will. By extension, he would get a chance to watch what immensely talented Kenyans are capable of doing, and, maybe, see the need to do something more for them.”

A footage of Tokodi’s chance meeting with President Uhuru Kenyatta did not show the presence of the Head of State’s security team. Tokodi, however says, President Kenyatta’s security detail was “all over the place; in front, behind and on the sides”.

“The President can’t be walking alone,” said Tokodi.

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