Marya Prude Blames Her Failed Married To Willis Raburu For Weight Problems

Willis Raburu with Marya Prude

Mary Prude does not regret one bit her decision to walk out of her troubled marriage to Citizen TV presenter Willis Raburu.

Willis married Marya Prude in sometimes May 2017 months after breaking up with Sally Mbilu. Willis and Sally went their separate ways in 2016.

Marya Prude and Willis broke up just three years into their marriage, their breakup was announced to the public sometime in May 2020.


Speaking on an Instagram video, Marya said that her efforts to lose weight while she was still married to Raburu were effortless.

Marya said that it was until her marriage hit rock bottom and started living alone is when she started shedding off excess fat.

“I started working out around 2018 but at that point I was not losing weight. I really used to work out a lot, I would lose one kilogram and then gain two. So I stopped, then I got back to it again when I was four months pregnant. I actually wanted to start earlier but then the first trimester was no joke. I worked out till the eighth month then I stopped since I was too heavy,” said Marya.

Willis Raburu’s Ex Wife Marya Prude Still Reeling From The Pain Of Losing Child One Year On

Adding that;

”So I got back to working out in February, I had a lot on my mind, so I decided to take a random morning run. Then I started running daily after getting compliments from people who noticed the changes. I did that for a while until I started living alone.”

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