Khaligraph Jones shows up and shuts down Eric Omondi’s show at MKU

Khaligraph Jones pulled up on Eric Omondi's show at MKU and stole it like a boss!
Khaligraph Jones is winning in almost everything in the internet feud between himself and African celebrated comedian, Eric Omondi.

Khaligraph Jones knocked out Eric Omondi the other day in a boxing match after Eric Omondi spent days talking trash calling out Khaligraph Jones and calling him names.

The comedian even bought a casket that was meant for the rapper, he had promised to “kill” Khaligraph Jones at the boxing match.

We all know how that match up turned out to be, in case you missed it, watch it underneath.

After getting knocked out by the rapper, Eric Omondi seems to have finally put some respeck! on Khaligraph Jones’ name even though the rapper has been tormenting him every chance he gets, just for the fun of it.

Eric Omondi recently had a show at Mount Kenya University(MKU) where he was flanked by Mc Antonio entertaining the crowd.

Everybody in attendance was loving everything Eric Omondi was doing on the show and his stage presence even busted a few moves dancing to Diamond Platnumz’s song and the crowd going wild.

Everything came to a standstill after Khaligraph Jones pulled up on the show and entered the stage.

“G is A Movement, Eric Omondi Runs into Hiding after Omollo appears and Steals the show,” Khaligraph Jones said on how he took over Omondi’s show.

The crowd went wild, everybody was chanting his name, screaming “OG! OG! OG!” in unison forgetting the show was actually Eric Omondi’s.

Frightened Eric Omondi could do nothing but cower from a distance watching Khaligraph Jones steal the show that was meant for him.

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