Harmonize’s baby mama breathes fire at him for allegedly being irresponsible with their daughter.

Harmonize’s baby mama breathes fire at him for allegedly being irresponsible with their daughter.

Just as Bongo star Rajab Kahali alias Harmonize is opening a new chapter of his love life with actress Frida Kahali, his past seems to be taunting him. Harmonize who introduced his new girlfriend yesterday, has been accused by his mama of irresponsible behavior when it comes to their daughter’s affairs.

According to the lengthy rant on Instagram from Zuhura’s mother, she is willing to take Harmonize to court for allegedly resorting to clout chasing antics at the expense of his daughter’s health and well being.  She claimed that her efforts to talk to him have proved futile as he chooses to block her from contacting him during conversations. She also revealed that she always feared that such an incident was bound to happen once her daughter was revealed to the world as his and now her fears have been proved right.

Zuhura with her mother
The singer’s baby mama further expressed her concern on whether her child was receiving good care away with him just like she would be taking care of her. She went on to claim that Harmonize was an irresponsible father in that he took Zuhura with him when she was under medication and that he never bothered to ensure she followed through with her prescription. Faulting Harmonize for such negligence, Zuhura’s mother suggested that Harmonize should have tagged Zuhura’s elder sister with them that way, she would be more at peace knowing that Zuhura is being well taken care of.

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Directing her frustrations to Harmonize’s new lover, she asked Kajala if she had failed to advise her man on matters concerning child’s affairs owing to the fact that Kajala is a mother just like her.

“Na Kajala Frida kweli unashindwa kukaa ukamshauri vizuri mwanaume wako? Ww una mtoto unajua uchungu wa mtoto, we ungekubali mtoto wako mdogo akashikwe shikwe mikono ovyo na wanawake tofauti? Unaweza mruhusu baba wa mtoto wako akasafiri bila dada wa mtoto anaemjua vizuri? Kajala unaweza mtoto wako akasafiri na dawa zikarudi vile vile bila ya kutumika na wakati mtoto anaumwa na ameondoka na joto kali?” she wrote.

Harmonize with his daughter Zuhura
Continuing to add,

“Kajala unampenda mwanaume unashindwa mpenda mtoto? Nilitegemea ww kama mwanamke na mama uliyepitia magumu kumlea mwanao basi ungenielewa zaidi na ww ukawe mshauri mzuri wa mwanaume wako.”

She further pleaded for help from her followers to link her up with any legal officers to contest for child’s custody insinuating that wherever she has gone, Harmonize seems to have an upper hand in the child’s affairs.

“Jamani naombeni msaada wenu kama kuna mamlaka inaweza muweka chini huyu mkaka harmonize_tz na ikamwambia thamani ya mtoto na mtoto anavyotakiwa kulelewa mie nimeongea imeshindikana,naona kila sehemu unawahongaga unajua ww. Tafadhali sana naombeni msaada,” she finished off.

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