Daddy Owen admits his marriage troubles began 3 years ago

Daddy Owen and his wife Farida Wambui

Gospel singer Daddy Owen has divulged more details on his much publicized fall out with his wife of 5 years Farida Wambui.

In an interview with The Standard, Owen mentioned that his troubled marriage drove him into depression and he could lock himself in the house and cry. The Vanity hit-maker went on to state that even his creative process was tampered with and he stopped writing and releasing songs since nothing in life made sense to him.

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When the story came out, I was like…oh! I wouldn’t be the person to confirm it after all. But the fact is that whether I talk about it or not, the truth will eventually come out. I wouldn’t be the one to come out and tarnish her name and if I wanted to discuss our family issues, I would have done that a long time ago. The truth is out there. It’s hard to fight it. I wish her all the best,” said Owen.

He added that; “We have been discussing our issues as a couple and consulting when things don’t go right. We haven’t been agreeing on everything and that is human.

However, when one wrong leads to another, you really have to get concerned and start thinking hard. When it came to that, I fell into depression and could lock myself in the house and cry, asking God why this was going on.

I stopped writing and releasing songs, as my creativity wasn’t working. I could not pray, as I felt weak inside. I contemplated doing everything wrong, even death.

Nothing in life makes sense. The worst bit is that everyone out there thinks you have it all put together and life is progressive,


Daddy Owen kissing his wife Farida Wambui

Asked if he and Wambui are getting a divorce, Owen opted to respond with a Bible verse.

There is only one main ground for divorce in the Bible. Go read Mathew 19. It is all explained there and so that is all I can say about that for now,” replied Owen.

Reports indicate that Owen and Wambui are currently in a legal tussle in which she demanded that he pulls down her pictures and those of their children from his social media pages.


Moving to Nigeria

On the other hand, the singer also revealed that he is heeding Emmy Kosgey’s advice that he should move out of the country for some time.

She is one of the few people who have stood with me over the years and she is just worried that I might not be well. She has invited me to Nigeria, something I am highly considering,” said Daddy Owen.

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