PHOTOS: Timmy Tdat shaves off his signature dreadlocks

Timmy Tdat to the surprise of many decided to do away with his signature dreadlocks that he's had for years.

Timmy Tdat has finally cut down the signature dreadlocks that he has been known to have for years.

Over the years, Timmy Tdat who represents Kasabun has taken everybody else by surprise after he cut down his dreadlocks, most netizens are surprised that he actually went ahead and cut his head clean off the dreadlocks with some even comparing his cutting down the dreadlocks with Cassper Nyovest’s cutting down the ponytail that he had for years.

Nobody actually believed the multiple, award-winning rapper, and ‘Baby Girl’ hitmaker would really cut down his signature ponytail.

Timmy Tdat’s dreadlocks have been synonymous with his brand as an artiste for years which is always almost important for any entertainer, especially when business is involved.

Timmy Tdat has been known to have dreadlocks for years, the locs were his signature look for his brand as an entertainer

For an entertainer, having and maintaining a brand is key to the success of their career and the perpetuation of the same, this rule not only applies for artistes alone in the music industry but the entertainment industry in general.

The rapper might have cut down the locs but he has embraced a new look altogether deciding to dye his hair gold after having a crisp haircut that still makes him look as fresh as he once was with dreadlocks on his head.

In case you haven’t seen his new look yet after cutting down his dreadlocks, check them below;

Timmy Tdat shaves off his signature dreadlocks

Timmy Tdat shaves off his signature dreadlocks

Timmy Tdat shaves off his signature dreadlocks

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