Farida Wambui allegedly dumped husband, Daddy Owen for a tycoon

Farida Wambui and Daddy owen celebrated their 4th wedding anniversary earlier this year.

Farida Wambui who has been the wife of the veteran gospel musician, Daddy Owen real name Owen Mwatia for 4 long years has allegedly parted ways with the musician.

According to a source that intends to remain anonymous on this matter, Daddy Owen’s wife Farida went missing the first two weeks of December leaving Daddy Owen and his matrimonial home behind.

Daddy Owen walked down the aisle with his wife Farida Wambui four years ago and together they are blessed with a son.

The source further disclosed that Farida Wambui got engaged to a rich businessman from Gilgil identified only by his mononym, Albert Njuguna who owns a luxury hotel. They have also been spending a lot of time together, they were even spotted together getting cozy with each other at Cliff Hotel.

It’s believed the ‘Vanity’ hit maker found out about his wife, Farida Wambui getting engaged to the tycoon after an exclusive engagement party was held in Naivasha.


Farida Wambui who got engaged to Njuguna the Tycoon in Gilgil while still married to Daddy Owen was spotted driving around a silver/grey Range Rover believed to be owned by Njuguna the Tycoon. She was driving the expensive, luxurious car in Gilgil town.

Farida Wambui apparently decided to call it quits on her marriage after she got tired of being the only one chucking out the lion’s share in providing for the family, at least according to a source.

Daddy Owen considered himself blessed, favored for having Farida Wambui for a wife

Earlier this year, Daddy Owen took to social media to celebrate their wedding anniversary which was their fourth(they got married officially on April 2, 2016) and poured his heart out praising his wife for being the greatest gift God has ever gifted him with.

Just in case you missed it, here’s the touching, emotional, and powerful message Daddy Owen had for his beautiful, lovely wife, Farida Wambui on their 4th wedding anniversary:

“First and foremost I want to thank God for the gift and favor in my life. The Bible says “He who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from the LORD.”

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To my wife Farida I just say thank you for understanding me and being there for me even when am stubborn or when things don’t go our way, I love how we try the “let’s sit and talk” and make it work though sometimes is really hard but we all know the answer is within us. I bless the LORD for our sons and the beautiful family we have, all this is the LORD’S doing!!

Happy 4Th Anniversary my dear wife, we have been through happy and tough times together, though many will never see or understand but is only the 2 of us who know the Truth but in all things we give thanks to God.

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4 years of happiness together is not a joke! (Is not like we don’t fight.. ) but the most important thing is we know how to reconcile after such moments. I love you ❤️❤️❤️

U make this Luhya man so happy when I come home and I find amasebhebhe.. lhisutsa.. omurere.. emiroo.. 😂😂😂 May the LORD bless us with more and lots of wisdom.”

Neither Daddy Owen nor his wife, Farida Wambui have come forward to either deny or confirm the allegations flying around social media about their separation.

Singer Daddy Owen responds to reports of split from wife Farida

Singer Daddy Owen is pleading for patience and time as he journeys through what has been described by insiders as a trying season amid reports that his wife Farida Wambui left him for another man. In a shared photo of his luncheon with McDonald Mariga and Victor Wanyama, Owen stated that he takes comfort that God will see him through.

Gospel Singer Daddy Owen and his wife Farida Wambui In Alleged Legal Battle

Farida with Daddy Owen

Owen Mwatia or as he is best known, Daddy Owen, is apparently engaged in a legal battle with his estranged wife, Farida Wambui.

Daddy Owen marriage with Farida Wambui started on 2 April 2016.

In a letter doing rounds on the interwebs dated January 8, Wambui through her lawyers demanded that the Shilingi Mbili hitmaker pulls down her photos and those of their children from his social media pages.

She also demanded that he returns her academic certificates.

“Immediately expunge the names of our client, images and those of the minors whatsoever in all your social media platforms as well as your agents and proxies,” the letter reads in part.

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“Immediately you return all the original academic documents belonging to our clients.”

Daddy Owen And Farida Wambui Divorce Gets Ugly!

Responding to Wambui through his Osor Onyiego & Manyara Advocates, Daddy Owen in a letter dated January 11, denied making defamatory remarks against his wife of at least 3 years.

The allegations, he said, were baseless and unsubstantiated.

“That our client denies in total all the allegations and innuendos as contained in the aforementioned letter that he made any false instigation and damaging or defamatory utterances against your client through any social media platforms or media houses or at all,” the response reads.

“That our client is stranger to the said allegations or any purported defamatory words which, in any event, are not contained in your letter. Our client, therefore, has not committed any form of breach of privacy to your client. This only amounts to baseless and unsubstantiated allegations against our client.”

Owen’s marriage was rumored to be falling apart in December 2020 after he deleted images of Wambui.

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Word has it that Wambui got engaged to a Gilgil tycoon around the same time she told her ex-husband that she was on a work trip.

Last week, the crooner told Jalas TV that he has been battling depression for three years now.

Speaking to Massawe Japanni, he declined to speak about the status of his union with Wambui with whom he shares two children.

“Niwekee wazi imfaidi nani?” he posed. 

What next for Daddy Owen Farida Wambui marriage? Here’s what!

Daddy Owen never learned not to pedestalize a woman. You see, when you put someone above you, you, in essence, are worshipping them. That means that Daddy Owen gave Farida Wambui no option but to look down at him. Yet the Bible clearly says that man must have no other idol but God. How a pastor failed to have real conversations grounded in reality with him is scary.

Daddy Owen was never taught how to settle conflicts in his home and provide leadership. That is why he says for three years he has had hell on earth with Ms Farida Wambui. He never was taught that he needs to lead. Yet the Bible is clear on him having the responsibility to be the head of his household. Pastors failed to translate this fact to him within the context of the modern world. This is insane to see that men are clearly not benefiting much from going to church.

The pastors, the church has failed men yet they shame men for not attending faithfully. When I see a story like this and see the comments online of men sharing similar experiences, I see that there is a reason for the declining attendance numbers of men. It offers little if any value. I mean, I am learning more from being around mentors than I would be going in to listen to politically correct rubbish that has little to do with my journey in life as a man.

How Daddy Owen’s Wife, Farida Wambui Fell For 53 Year Old Tycoon, Range rover love

Daddy Owen with Farida Wambui

It does not end wrong-even in most marriages-it starts wrong. Gospel musician Daddy Owen was dumped by his fetching yellow-yellow wife, Farida Wambui, before Christmas last year. But red flags started four year’s earlier-with parental disapproval.

Then ‘Miss Rona’ came calling. Daddy Owen went rock bottom broke during lockdown. There were no gigs during curfews. Wambui, tired of footing the bills, fell for Albert Njuguna, a loaded 53 year old married tycoon with interests in microfinance, hospitality, property and real estate, tours and tenders.

Wambui has a son whose Baby Daddy the parents wished was the one marrying her…not Daddy Owen

Mamma Mia: During her ruracio ceremony, Farida Wambui’s parents refused to take the bride price from the Mwatias-Daddy Owen’s family.

Never mind Farida Wambui was the only woman he had ever introduced to his parents. For a Kikuyu woman, there is no stronger disapproval for choice of hubby than parents turning down ruracio-which is planned way in advance. Wambui’s parents also skipped her 300 strong invitation only celebrity wedding at the Kenya Assembly of God church in Buruburu, Nairobi on April 2, 2016. One of the uncle volunteered to walk her down the aisle.
It was at Njuguna’s Kika Lodge in Gilgil Nakuru County where Wambui said yes! a week after leaving the down-on-his-luck musician with their two sons.

That ended Daddy Owen’s four year marriage-which, according to family sources, did not enjoy the blessings of Wambui’s parents. See, Wambui has a son whose Baby Daddy the parents wished was the one marrying her, not Daddy Owen. But ruracio is the preserve of paternal uncles who saved the day by accepting Daddy Owen’s bride price.

Their honeymoon was in Belgium, but the marriage which produced another son had other issues

The late Ken Ouko was an expert in the sociology of the family. He once explained that women tend to look for socially dominant males to raise their status and gain greater access to resources for themselves and security of their children. Ouko further added that women might go for fame and looks but “power in a man, supersedes everything. It might be political power, financial power, sexual power, or simply physical power. But it is wrong for people to think monetary power is the ultimate aphrodisiac for women.”
Their honeymoon was in Belgium, but the marriage which produced another son had other issues. Like their educational differences: Wambui holds a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and Biology from the University of Nairobi and a Masters in Marketing and Strategy from Daystar.

Daddy Owen who had no gigs since March publicly confessed to battling depression

The Boiler Room: Daddy Owen and Farida in happier times. Grace Kariuki, a city family therapist with Harbour Counseling and Consulting once argued that a husband enjoys a healthier self-esteem when he’s able to provide for his woman and family- as men were born hunters and gatherers. Kariuki explains that “traditionally, women are expected and wired to nurture and take care of their men but not on the financial sense. Women will take care of the men but find it difficult to respect him if he’s unable to take care of her.”

Daddy Owen, on the other hand, left Eshisiru Secondary school in Kakamega and graduated into a petty thief in Nairobi. A near death experience from the harambee of bodily harm meted via a mob justice was his Damascus Moment to accepting Jeso Kristo as his personal savior enroute to finding fame as a gospel musician from 2003.

Albert Njuguna Daddy Owen Feud

Tycoon Albert Njuguna
Farida Wambui new husband Albert Njunguna

Then came the pandemic and attendant lock-downs and curfews in 2020. Living large when the times were good worked against Daddy Owen who had no gigs since March. He publicly confessed to battling depression.

Some of Daddy Owen’s Luhya relatives worked where Wambui was having private dinners

The shrink: Psychologist Benjamin Zulu swears that there will hardly ever come a time when a woman will swap roles and be the provider. “Women will always define love as being pursued and taken care of, men will define it as being in charge and the woman cooperating with him. Don’t be lied to. Times can change, but our psychology doesn’t.”

Wambui was left footing the bills. She could afford it having been in high profile jobs including her current position as Market Access and Pricing Lead for East Africa at an international drugs company.

In fact, Wambui used her position to move around in the name of ‘price meetings with the Ministry of Health’ since the government was importing ‘Miss Rona’ vaccines through her company. But the outings were mostly to hang out with Njuguna at Kika Lodge in Gilgil and the upmarket Cliff Hotel, Nakuru.

Daddy Owen took his sons to Rufftone’s Karen home and rushed to Gilgil where he confirmed his worst fears unbeknown to both Wambui and Njuguna, some of Daddy Owen’s Luhya relatives worked where they were having private dinners. It was these relatives who informed Daddy Owen that they had spotted Wambui with her new flame cruising in a grey Range Rover- KCX **1Z- around Gilgil.

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Daddy Owen took his sons to Rufftone’s Karen home and rushed to Gilgil where staffers at Kika Lodge confirmed his worst fears: His four year old marriage had ended in premium tears.

I never thought he ever had eyes for me considering his celebrity status and the number of women he met
Daddy Owen has since asked his fans for prayers “as I journey through this season.” He has since moved from their house in Westlands Nairobi and rented an apartment besides deleting all the photos of his wife on social media.​

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  1. Mswahili msapere noma sana, if you want to know if your spouse is faithful, thank God for them continuously, God will reveal anything that is not of him, he never takes false credit and won’t allow you to wallow in deception if you glorify him; for those who are not married, pray that no fruit of your loins is born into illegitimacy.

  2. Mswahili msapere noma sana, if you want to know if your spouse is faithful, thank God for them continuously, God will reveal anything that is not of him, he never takes false credit and won’t allow you to wallow in deception if you glorify him; for those who are not married, pray that no fruit of your loins is born into illegitimacy.