“Eric Omondi is teaching young girls how to have sex with him” Ezekiel Mutua speaks out

Eric Omondi kisses different women

Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) CEO Ezekiel Mutua has been reprimanding Eric Omondi over his ‘immoral’ public stunts.

Mutua first took issues with Eric when he flaunted his genitals on social media, the comedian has posted several photos and videos of himself rocking tight boxer that gives viewers rough ideas about the size of his manhood.

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Eric was not pleased with Mutua’s blunt criticisms and he ultimately decided to hit back, asking the moral police to mind his own business.

The latest spat between Mutua and Eric revolves around the comedian’s kissing. The comedian has been seen exchanging saliva with at least nine women who cast for his show ‘Wife Material’.

Mutua lashed out at Eric whom he referred as a ‘fool’ for contravening Covid-19 regulations with his kissing stunts.

“So there’s Corona but this fool has been kissing multiple girls and recording these videos in the name of comedy. Another morally bankrupt socialite is recording more videos teaching these young girls how to have sex with Omondi; in the devilish mentorship program known as “Mombasa Raha”,” Ezekiel Mutua lamented.

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