Wannabe Socialite Shakila’s ‘Fake Life’ Exposed in New Row

Shakilla with Gengetone group

Controversial youthful socialite Shakila is on the spot again, embroiled in yet another scandal.

Just after releasing a Gengetone music video titled, Ndovu, she has found herself in the up-and-coming recording group’s bad books.

She has been badly exposed by the group and some details revealed that she could never have wanted leaked on social media.

The feud began just after the song was released in which the Gengetone group Sheddy Empire featured Shakila.

It is alleged that they had agreed that Shakila would promote the song on her social media platforms, which she allegedly failed to do.

The band claims that they paid her Ksh20,000 for her services and for marketing the song.

This payment, if true, would be surprisingly low, as she has been bragging about charging a minimum fee of Ksh100,000.


It was also alleged that she had been staying at the house of one of the band members.

The group then shared a video recorded at night, with Shakila being asked to refund Ksh10,000 before the gate to the apartment could opened for her to leave.

She had allegedly been locked inside until she pays the money.

This revelation points to the suspect life the young woman has been living, and yet she has always portrayed herself as being rich.

Last month, she was accused of trespassing at singer Willy Paul’s home at Mlolongo on Nairobi’s southeastern outskirts.

Recently, Shakila trended on social media after she alleged that she had bedded some celebrities, including top musician Kaligraph Jones and soccer star Victor Wanyama.

She later apologised to Kaligraph Jones but insisted that she would not change her statement about the others she also claims to have slept with. Wanyama, the national soccer team, Harambee Stars, captain, has threatened to sue her.

On, 13th October, news of Shakila’s arrest at Willy Paul’s surfaced and everyone was eager to know what she had gotten herself into this time.

The young beauty has in a short time proven that she can do anything to gain fame and Kenyans at first dismissed her arrest as a publicity-seeking stunt.

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