Shakilla: I would never have fallen for Eric Omondi in his former unattractive thin body

Shakilla and Eric Omondi

Shakilla is yearning to bed Eric Omondi so much, but the teen socialite would never have fallen for the comedian in his former skinny body.

Speaking during an interview with The RKC Family in YouTube, Shakilla said he doesn’t love skinny men and as such she would never had a crush on Eric in former thin body.

“When Eric wasn’t thick and everything, and he do approach me I would actually go in for a pass. Like a pass, pass, pass. I would say no, no, no I don’t want your comedy. I would actually take him in as bluffing. But like you see he is glowing right now, he’s shining. He has nice hair, he has nice boxers, his boxers are really amazing,” said Shakilla.

The teen socialite also said she would make Eric Omondi the happiest man on planet earth if she was to marry the comedian.


“If I become Mrs. Omondi, I swear Eric is gonna be the happiest man alive. I am a happy soul I always like laughing, he is a happy soul he always likes laughing we gonna make bouncing babies and we gonna help each other,” said Shakilla.

Shakilla further warned women eying Eric Omondi to steer clear of  the comedian, stressing that he is hers and hers alone.

Watch the full interview below:

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