ERIC OMONDI shares his secret about building up muscles and how he has gained weight in just a few months


Eric Omondi stunned everyone weeks ago when he unveiled his built-up body, the comedian used to be very slim with almost no visible muscles.

Eric has since been stripping down to underwear to flaunt his muscles and six pack, courting trouble in the process.

In an interview on the Trend, Eric revealed that he now weighs 72 kilos, up from 42 kilos. The comedian disclosed that he had been busy eating.

“I was eating, I was busy eating. It is a lot of work. I had to force myself.” said Eric.

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The comedian said he starts his day at 6am with a plate full of four egg whites, oatmeal and a protein shake.

The self proclaimed president of Africa’s comedy said that it took him a lot of discipline to get to where he is. His journey started around January.

Eric further revealed why he decided to add weight and build up some muscle in a post on his Instagram account, writing;

“Many people have been asking me why I decided to build Muscle. So here is the story. Last year during a concert in Kisumu in which I was the Master of Ceremony and @khaligraph_jones was performing. After I introduced him to the stage his Microphone malfunctioned and as a good friend and a professional MC I went to the stage to hand him my Microphone…As they say Asante ya Punda ni Mateke (Juu huyu mtu nayo ni Matako ya Punda) Instaed of saying thank you he decided to embarrass me by lifting me up and down in front of about 3000 of my fans. But Mungu ni nani? And Karma is a bi***ch saizi mtu amenona kama Jerican na Tumbo kubwa na Mafuta tupu…Mpaka Siku ile atakua confident kutoa shati ndio tunaeza ongea…Kuna tafauti kubwa sanaa ya kuunga na KUNONA. I AM THE MOST BUILT ARTIST IN KENYA RIGHT NOW!!! Mwambieni Akuje ajaribu kunibeba saizi kama ni Mwanume. PUGAA.”

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