Sauti Sol's Chimano Has Finally Come Out On His Sexuality

Willis Austin Chimano

The Sol brothers have been leaving the single hood club one by one and have been showing off their partners or rather lovers to their, except for Chimano who has been taking his sweet time to introduce his lover to his fans leaving them questioning and wondering what's with him.

is chimano of sauti sol gay?

Willis Austin Chimano’s sexuality has been debated for years, but finally that discussion is over.

The deep-voiced singer has finally come out as gay in a rare photo-shoot shared by Sauti Sol.

In a photo posted on social media by Sauti Sol, each of the quartet’s singer is seen posing with their partners.

The three straight singers – Savara, Bien, and Polycarp are seen in a romantic posture with their ladies while for Chimano he is seen posing next to his male mzungu lover.

The all-boys singing band captioned the group photo “Sol Family ❤”.

From the photo, it's clearly evident that Chimano has finally come out after years of trying to hide the real him from the public due to negative criticism.

Savara was quick to respond to homophobes who quickly trolled him for coming out as gay.

Taking to Twitter, Savara took a swipe at critics who called him out for being homosexual.

He laughed off gay jokes being made about him and his mzungu lover saying ‘Guys are mad! Hahahahaha ha it’s a good look you!’


KOT also reacted to Willis Austin Chimano’s tweet too

At least the singer can now live peacefully knowing he owes no one any explanation.

Musician Willis Chimano of Sauti Sol has opened up about being socially awkward and how he came to terms with it.

In a recent candid episode of Engage Talk, the award winning singer traced his personality to his early childhood where he realized that social interactions were not his cup of tea.

"Growing up I considered myself a very awkward child but maybe I'm being too hard on myself so I will try and explain.

"I used to find it so laborious to make friends. It was an activity that I honestly thought I could do without," he started.

He explained that for his primary education, he had gone through four different schools which made it very difficult to retain friends.

His very strict Christian parents were trying to get the best education for him and he ultimately managed to do well and enroll at Kakamega High School.

It took Chimano 2 years to convince his parents to transfer him to a different school and eventually ended up at Upper Hill.

This move, he says, changed his life forever because it was at this point that he met the rest of his band members Bien Barasa, Savara Mudigi and Polycarp Otieno.

"But in high school I was still a very subdued child," he described.

Who is gay in Sauti Sol band?

Sauti Sol's Willis Austin Chimano who is a vocalist, keytar and saxophone player broke the internet after coming out as gay officially.
Despite getting into the University of Nairobi to study journalism, Chimano didn't feel as though he was fulfilling his purpose in life until his music career started picking up.

He traced his bold sense of fashion to when he used to help his mother pick out clothes to wear to church and work. When he tried to extend the same to his father, all he got was a stern look that was more telling than words.

"Being on stage is such an amazing feeling. When I am dressed in my rarely subtle attire and singing, it feels like a different sort of energy. It brings me fulfillment," he explained.

The musician also described his sense of fashion as a challenge to toxic masculinity.

"I'm proud of the man that I'm becoming. A man who listens, a man who strives to understand the world around him in most cases, who cherishes and loves to be there for his loved ones who have played a tremendous role in his life," he intimated.

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